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Bosschieter Poeliersbedrijf B.V. offers a very extensive range of products. We process and sell fresh chicken and chicken portions, fillets, thighs, etc every single day.

These have all been sourced from reliable, renowned Dutch slaughterhouses, which we have been doing business with for decades. We can flexibly respond to market needs, as we are not solely dependent on one slaughterhouse.
We can also offer a wide range of Convenience products, as well as an extensive supply of imported products, including roasted/cooked chicken breast, cubes, strips, fillets (large quantities are no problem).

These products are sourced from, for example, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, China and Malaysia.

We have also been responsible for the sale of German Hanna Feinkost products in the Benelux countries for a number of years. Hanna is a production company with top quality and traditionally produced chicken products. Innovations are also continuously being introduced for the benefit of customers.
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