Ethically justified

Foie Royale is the first ethically responsible, animal-friendly and sustainable block foie of goose and duck, made from non-fat livers and the animal’s own fat. Foie Royale was conceived to create an ethically acceptable alternative to the traditional foie gras. The aim was to produce an alternative made from healthy duck and goose livers that have not been subjected to forced feeding. We have succeeded in producing an alternative to foie gras with the same characteristic as the traditional foie gras. The animals are not subjected to wing wings and beaks, they feed their food voluntarily, forced feeding is prohibited by German law.

Authentic taste

The process of Foie Royale consists of pressing fat into normal livers under high pressure. This makes the end product identical to authentic foie gras. Foie Royale looks like foie gras and tastes the same and contains the same ingredients: fat and liver. The natural liver, small and dark red is re-engineered, cooked and packaged at DIL, the German Institute of Food Technology in Quackenbruck. This ultimately produces a beautiful product that is the same in terms of texture, structure, color and melting behavior. The production process gives Foie Royale the advantage that it has a maximum shelf life of 1 year.

Foie Royale comes in a block form, Foie Royale is cooked during the production process, so it can be consumed immediately. We recommend to let the product rest for 15 minutes before consuming. Foie Royale can be cooked, baked, and poached, among other things. It can also be processed in various forms including ice cream, butter and chocolate.

Retail packages come in a luxury box in the following sizes (duck & goose):
65 – 125 – 400 – 750 grams
80 gram (jar)

Catering packages come in block form with a sticker in the following sizes (duck & goose):
65 – 125 – 400 – 750 gram

We do get a lot of attention from the press:

The Telegraph / The Daily Mail / Volkskrant / Elsevier / HLN BE

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